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Hazards of Electronic Waste
3R Policy for Waste Management
3R Policy for Waste Management

Every day a vast number of electric and electronic devices end up as waste; some of them ready for scrap, others just obsolete. All this is gradually mounting up to a serious environmental problem, which has so far failed to attract the public interest. There are some task right way to tackle the E-Waste problem

Task Force 1: Policy
Our objective is to report and analyze the status of existing approaches and particular policies for electronic waste and used electronic products. Based on this, we explore recommendations for future developments to solve the e-waste problem

Task Force 2: Re-Design
This Task Force is dedicated to product design aspects. We contribute to the Step aim – solving the e-waste problem – by fostering the re-design of electric and electronic equipment in order to reduce negative impacts of their entire life cycle. The status in industrializing countries is taken into particular account.

Task Force 3: Re-Use
In this Task Force we focus on the development of replicable and sustainable reuse/refurbishment/spare parts development systems in order to minimize environmental, health and safety impacts – especially in industrializing countries.

Task Force 4: Re-Cycle
The major aim of this Task Force is to enhance infrastructures, systems and technologies to realize sustainable e-waste recycling, especially in industrializing countries. As a neutral arena we want to initiate international, inter-stakeholder cooperative activities and dialogues on a scientific basis in order to find economically, environmentally and socially sound solutions.

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